Ragnar's Reavers

Norse team coached by Ax VonHammer (Sol Blair)


No.1 – Ragnar the Red – Warchief/Team Captain
No.2 – Balon Giantsbane – Berserker
No.3 – Volkof Greymane – Norse Werewolf
No.4 – Arnvulf Frostmourn – Norse Werewolf
No.5 – Evard Blakhamur – Runner
No.6 – Sven Hjolder – Runner
No.7 – Agni Snorasson – Lineman
No.8 – Audunn Grettisson – Lineman
No.9 – Mord Porolfr – Lineman
No.10 – Egil Hrafnarson – Lineman
No.11 – Sigurd Harfjord – Lineman


The Reavers have weathered their brutal season opening road trip to visit the Walken Dead and Bioaccumulative Toxins rather well considering the unimpressive 0-1-1 record. The norsemen are in high spirits however as, in an odd twist of fate, they come out of the game against Nurgle’s faithful more healthy than when they entered it. A true testimony to the medical miracle that is drinking reckless quantities of ale!

Now Ragnar’s warband set their sights on their more refined human counterpart in the league, the Gentlemen of the Pitch. Despite their racial kinship these two teams could not be more different. Which team will win in this cultural clash? Both teams are looking for their first win of the season so the competition is sure to be fierce!

Ragnar's Reavers

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