Walken Dead

Undead team coached by CryptKeeper13 (Mark Jindra)


The team originally entered the league under the name “Walking Dead” coached by the legendary Kristoffer Walken, a somewhat unpredictable and psychotic coach. Walken was infameous for assisting fans pummel opposing players when they were forced off of the pitch. Walken was killed when an errant (or was it) Goblin bomb struck and killed him during a game. After a hiatus from competition the team was resurected by new management and the team was renamed “Walken Dead” in honor of their former coach. Now coached by “Gert Frobe”, a former rookie league coach of the year, they hope to return the team to its former glory.


Day 1 – Ragnar’s Reavers vs Walken Dead

Welcome to he opening day of the Wizards Invitational Blood Bowl League. In this matchup we have Ragnar’s Reaver a Norse team versus an Undead team known simply as Walken Dead.

The Dead won the coin toss and in a rather uncharacteristic move for their coach chose to recieve. After they were unable to pick up the ball the Reavers rushed into the backfield and attempted a pickup of their own only to suffer the same fate. The Dead managed to get control opf the ball and form a solid cage. The Dead worked towards the line of scrimmage but stalled at midfield. Late on turn 6, after the Dead’s coach had alread used his reroll for the turn, one of the Deads Blitzers went for a blitz on a Wherewolf, and although he was assisted by two zombies, he was rewarded with a dirt nap of his own for is efforts. On turn 7 the reavers managed to get the ball free at midfield but were nable to do anything with it so late in the half.

Down two players, one to a death and another to an ejection on a foul, the Dead opened the second half kicking to the Reavers, down three players, two to injuries and one KO. The Reavers spent the forst few turns attempting to control the center of the pitch before their Runner went for a sprint down the sideline. The Dead’s mummies created a hole big enough for Wight to sneak through and blitz the ball free and rcover it. Ad teh Dead and reavers fought for control around the ballcarrier two more Reavers were scraped off the pitch. AFter breaking free and setting up camp near the endzone the Dead proceeded to control the pitch. A late foul by a Zombie sent another of the Reavers players off the pitch with broken bones. The Dead scored the only point of the game on turn 16.

Final Score: Reavers 0 – Dead 1

Day 2 – Blue Knives vs Walken Dead

Day two of the Wizards Invitational Blood Bowl League has begun. In this matchup we have the 0-0-1 High Elven Blue Knives vs the 1-0-0 Undead of the Walken Dead. The Dead are down one Blitzer but a bruised and battered Knives have two journeymen joining them for this game.

The Knives won the flip and have chosen to recieve. The Knives started out by keeping their Thrower back and looking to break someone free downfield but the Dead responded by falling into a prevent defense and only advancing a single Mummy to harass the Trower. The Knives pulled back several Lineman to deal with the Mummy. The Dead so far seemed content to mark a few Elves and wait for an oppertunity. As the Knives pulled more Linemen back to deal with now two Mummys the Dead started taking on Linemen two on one and pushing the Knives line back. On turn 5 the Dead managed to blitz with a Ghoul and recover a loose ball. The Knives tried to get the ball back but they were only able to push the little Ghoul around. Meanwhile across the pitch an Elf Lineman didn’t have any luck getting away from a Zombie and was KO’d for his troubles. The Dead quickly took advantage of field position and scored on turn 6. After the following kickoff a Mummy blitzed and took out an Elf Lineman with an injury. The half would end with the Knives unable to advance the ball.

On the ensuing kickoff the ball would sail out of bounds and end up in the hands of a Wight Blitzer. The Dead began with a strong cage at midfield. The Knives surrounded the cage but keeping distance, seemingly content to let the Dead have one square of pitch per turn as they searched for a weak point. Just when it seemed that the cage might be stalling an Elf Linemen was ejected for a KO on a downed Zombie. A Mummy, unhappy about the foul, responded by taking the Elf Thrower out of the game with an Injury. The Elves continued to exploit downed Zombies as the remainder of the Dead team rumbled towards the end zone. The Dead completed a handoff to a Ghoul and run the ball in for the second score of the game. The gamje ended after the Elves failed to successfully foul another fallen Zombie.

Final Score: Knives 0 – Dead 2

Day 3 – Walken Dead vs Smack’em Heads

Day three begins with the 2-0-0 Walken Dead taking on the 0-2-0 Smack’em Heads Ogre’s.

The Dead won the flip and chose to kick to the Ogres. The Ogres started out by jumping on the Zombie line and managed to KO one of the Zombies. However a failed pickup attempt, a bone head, and a failed attempt to dodge out of a tackle zone slowed them as the Dead began to advence on the backfield. A blitzing Zombie went for the ball only to slip on something and proceeded to kick the ball into the hands of a Snotling. The Snotling ran to an Ogre and waited for him to launch him down field only to be thwarted by the Ogre becoming more interested in what was going on in the stands than the pitch. A successful blitz by a Mummy got the ball free but it went straight into the hands of an Ogre. The Dead responded to the Ogres luck by taking out a Snotling with a fractured skull. After a melee at midfield the Ogre with the ball managed to get free and headed down the wide zone with a Snotling escort that managed to fail a stunty roll and end up face down on the pitch and aftera quick foul in the KO box. With no rerolls left in the half the Dead managed a dodge, handoff, and a go for it to score a touchdown on turn 8.

After the halftime show the Ogres kicked the ball short into a wide zone where it was fielded by a Ghoul. The Dead worked their players around and looked like they would have an easy score but a failure to mark two ogres allowed them to narrow the sideline and cause the Dead to end up stalled near the midfield stripe and little room to manuver. On turn 10 the Dead had a chance to break free down the sideline but rather than make a break the Dead coach called for one more block on an Ogre that ended up ending their turn. The Ogres managed to revover and trapped the Ghoul on the sideline. On turn 12 the Gjoul went crowd surfing and the ball ended up in the center of the pitch. After the Ogres revovered, fumbled, recovered, fumbled, and failed a pickup twice. A Zombie ended up with the ball. Unable to reach the end zone the Zombe took tha ball and used it to Kill a Snotling. The Ogres ended the game with only a single player left on the pitch and stunned at that.

Final Score: Ogres 0 – Dead 1

Day 4 – Walken Dead vs Dem Orc Guys

This week we have two undefeated teams. Dem Orc Guys (3-0-0) who have been impressive scoring and orchandling defenses but have suffered and injury and a death in their last game. The Walken Dead (3-0-0)lost a player in their first game and have not been able to replace him thus far, but they have managed to hire a mercenary Wight for one game. The Undead defense has been stellar thus far, not allowing a single score all season.

The Dead won the toss and have chosen to kick to dem Orcs. A kick out of bounds allowd the Orcs to place the ball in the hands of their best Blitzer. After finding it harder to knock down a zombie than first thought the Orcs moved down the wide zone before being cut off. A quick move back to the center of the pitch and a pass to the opposite wide zone put the Orcs in great field position catching the Undead off guard. As the Orcs moved down the opposite wide zone ,well across the field from the majority of the Undead defense, a failed dodge left a Mummy free to do a blitz. The Mummy barely made it to the ball carrier but still had enough energy left to dislodge the ball. After the ball went out of bounds and ended up back on the Orc side of the pitch it was recovered by the Orcs. In a brutal back and forth two zombies went out KO’d. The Undead eventually closed in and managed to pry the ball free once again but could not capitalize on the situation.

The second half saw the Orcs, now up 2 players, surround the cage of the Undead. The Undead began to slowly rumble down the field before bogging down in Orc territory. The Orcs played a flexible defense allowing only modest movement while protecting their player advantage. Late in the game the Orcs sensed the looming end of the game and started attacking the cage. After pushing around the cage and ball carrier for a few turns the Undead fought back and cleared a lave for the ball carrier. The Ghoul broke for a wide zone placing himself in position to win the game. However the Orcs had other ideas. Two Orcs were within (go for it) range of the Ghoul, both marked, and one on the turf. But that didn’t stop them from dodging and successfully making it to the ball carrier. They managed to pry the ball free. The Undead had one last chance at the ball and although a Wight managed to make it to the end zone, the only other player that could reach the ball was a Mummy who after lumbering to the ball was unable to pick it up. And although he was unable to make the big play he was rewarded with the MVP.

Final Score: Dead 0 – Orcs 0

Walken Dead

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